February 18, 2014#

Creative Catalyst Fellowship // The New Childrens Musuem



PROJECT UPDATE – Miki Iwasaki, along with nonprofit sponsor The New Children’s Museum were selected as one of 10 recipients for the San Diego Foundation’s 2013-2014 Creative Catalyst Fellowship Program. We have a few events associated with the project coming up, which are listed below. We hope you can join us!

New Children’s Museum Workshops
Come join us for our upcoming workshops at the New Children’s Museum! We’ve got three events planned over the next few months – all centered around the exploration of wind-generated power. Kids can learn the fundamental concepts behind wind generators, and be a part of the creative process as we design and prototype an installation at the museum. The first workshop is this Sunday February 23rd! Find more information and follow us on our project BLOG. Visit the Museum’s website for location information. http://www.thinkplaycreate.org/

San Diego Foundation ‘Meet the Artist’ Events
San Diego’s Creative Catalyst Fellowship
April 17th 5pm
San Diego Foundation is hosting a series of ‘meet the artist events’ over the next couple of months – and we’ll be giving a presentation on our installation for the New Children’s Museum. Check out their website for a full list of participating artists and events. MORE INFO

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