December 12, 2016#

Unsung Brewery


Come check out the comic book themed Unsung Brewery in Anaheim’s packing district. Home to an awesomely designed interior space and great locally crafted beer.

Photo Credit: Brandon Klein

March 31, 2015#

Urbanist Guide


Thanks to Urbanist Guide San Diego for the mention.  Check out their site and pickup a free copy of their map of San Diego to find out about great new spots for food, drinks and fun.

August 15, 2014#

“Miki Iwasaki’s wind-powered art at NCM”

NCM-image 2

Union Tribune’s article covers mi-workshop’s latest installation. You can read about it, here.

May 30, 2014#

New Installation at San Diego’s New Children’s Museum

Check out the latest project to come out of mi-workshop – it’s an interactive piece titled Wind Vessel. Conceived as a research based, educational installation to introduce children to the technologies related to wind power, the project opened downtown at the NCM on May 22nd. It’s an ongoing exhibit – we’ll be exploring several methods for visualizing the effects of wind power in the near feature. Check out our blog to catch a glimpse of the project, or visit the NCM website to plan a trip to see it in person.

May 1, 2014#

Terminal 1 Art Installation


Miki Iwasaki’s latest public art installation is complete! Located in the San Diego International Airport Terminal One Food Court, Astralgraph is an exploration in geometry and material, with inspiration taken from our local geography, cartography and navigation. Sensory perception was a large driving force behind the project which was designed to engage the travelers making their way through the airport.