June 28, 2010#

mi-workshop on ARCHINECT and ARCHDAILY

The documentary made by BREADTRUCK films was featured on Archinect here.

and on ArchDaily here.

You can see this and other films by BREADTRUCK here.

Thanks to Jeff Durkin of  Breadtruck films!

January 27, 2010#

Books Printed!

Hot off the press! Third Year Design Studio Fall 2009 at Woodbury Univeristy San Diego, School of Architecture has collected their projects and put together a great little book.  Thanks to all students and especially to Daniela Deutsch and Stan Bertheaud.  Online printing coming soon…

January 6, 2010#

San Diego in Dwell


Dwell Magazine was kind enough to consider the great things in the bottom left corner of the country.  Aaron Anderson of Studio Anderson was interviewed to discuss design in San Diego people and place, both old and new.  Thanks Aaron for the shout out! Check out the article HERE.

December 11, 2009#


gingerbread-postcard1 copy

I had a great time working on a fun project for the Gingerbread Collective at Arclinea San Diego.  I was invited to design a ‘Gingergread House’ for this event and gave it my best shot.  In the end, my baking was far from successful but I didn’t let that stop me.  The mi-workshop proposal was about our communities and how we live on our land.  I encourage you to see the proposal in person!  It is always great to see that people are also giving back.  The Gingerbread Collective is supporting SECOND CHANCE,a non-profit organization helping people get jobs, education and housing.

Check out the projects by all the participants by stopping by Arclinea San Diego

December 5, 2009#

Woodbury University


It was a great pleasure to teach again this semester at Woodbury University School of Architecture, San Diego.  The third year students worked on an artist housing project in Oceanside, CA along with some other supporting projects throughout the semester.  A great group of students and some really great projects! A publication of their projects is in the works and I will post a link soon!

Thanks to the students for the hard work,  I also learned so much from you all.

Woodbury University