April 7, 2011#

Changes at The Bakery

Spring cleaning here at the design collective…

Stay tuned for events and updates

February 21, 2011#

Meet the Neighbors!

February 23, 2011

June 28, 2010#

THE BAKERY a design collective

The new website is up! Check in with us. THE BAKERY a design collective.

June 28, 2010#

mi-workshop on ARCHINECT and ARCHDAILY

The documentary made by BREADTRUCK films was featured on Archinect here.

and on ArchDaily here.

You can see this and other films by BREADTRUCK here.

Thanks to Jeff Durkin of  Breadtruck films!

May 15, 2010#


The studio for mi-workshop has been updated as a design collective workspace called ‘The Bakery’.  Proud to announce (although a bit late…) Set & Drift and Sheepless have joined the space.  We have even started a urban communal garden we named ‘The Farm Proper’.  Check out the new website for more info here.