• Unsung Brewery

    Unsung Brewery

    Comic-book hero themed brewery and bar in Anaheim’s packing district. Part of an ongoing collaboration with […]

  • JM Screen

    JM Screen

    Redwood exterior screen for a residence in San Diego, California. Photos: tomografica

  • Brandiose Shelves

    Brandiose Shelves

    These custom shelves are part of our continued collaboration with Brandiose office. Photos: Jeremy Artates

  • Graham Downes Memorial

    Graham Downes Memorial

    Sculpture dedicated to local architect Graham Downes. Photos: Jeremy Artates

  • Aqueous Skin

    Aqueous Skin

    Temporary art commission awarded by West Hollywood’s public art department. The project utilizes recycled and repurposed […]

  • JM Stools

    JM Stools

    White Oak and bent steel stools for a residence in San Diego, California.

  • Wind Vessel

    Wind Vessel

    Wind Vessel was made possible by the Creative Catalyst Artist Fellowship grant awarded to us by […]

  • Astralgraph


    Blackened steel, powder-coated steel, ceramic and wood wall relief sculptural installation at San Diego International Airport […]

  • Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher

    Inspired by the mission of Ocean Discoveries Institute, natural forces in our world and the architecture […]

  • DC cabinet

    DC cabinet

    Walnut hardwood cabinet with slated doors. Blackened steel top and base. 78″ x 18″ x 21″

  • NS Bench

    NS Bench

    CNC carved white oak hardwood bench with mixed hardwood joint/inlay. White powder-coated steel shelf. 5′ x […]

  • HM Display Cabinet

    HM Display Cabinet

    Constructed for private antique collection. Vertical grain pine with hand rubbed oil finish. Powder coated steel base. […]

  • Chromaduct


    Chromaduct was a competition entry for the Dawntown Design/Build Competition in Miami. Mi-Workshop was fortunate to […]

  • PYR Chair

    PYR Chair

    The design for the PYR Chair (Pitch.Yaw.Roll) was the culmination of a series of explorations and […]

  • Societe Furniture

    Societe Furniture

    Various table and bench pieces for a local brewery. White Oak solid hardwood tops, blackened steel […]

  • Sliders


    Sliding doors for interactive design agency. Clear pine slats, blackened steel hardware.

  • Corporate Office Design

    Corporate Office Design

    Design research for corporate media office in San Diego, California.

  • Interactive LED ticker

    Interactive LED ticker

    Conceptual design for an interactive LED ticker column installation.

  • Optional Features

    Optional Features

    Series of “truss” chairs for the Optional Features exhibit during the 2012 SD Art Fair. Powder-coated […]

  • Signalscape


    The project has been installed! San Diego Airport Terminal 1 – Baggage Claim Area. Special thanks […]

  • 22nd Street

    22nd Street

    Renovation for craftsman cottage in San Diego, California.

  • Trace Space

    Trace Space

    Black Cherry – Blackened Steel with Cherry Hardwood White Walnut – Powder coated Steel with Walnut […]

  • Bali Hai Screen

    Bali Hai Screen

    The architectural screen was commissioned by the Bali Hai Restaurant for their recent renovation on Shelter Island, along the San Diego waterfront.  The 60′ wood slat screen is supported by a series of steel trusses and punctuated with custom fabricated LED lights that are programmed on a continuously changing sequence. Completed 2010.

  • Tortugas House

    Tortugas House

    Design, construction documentation and construction administration for residential renovation in Torrance, California.

  • Summer Salon Series

    Summer Salon Series

    Public art piece for Summer Salon Series 2011 at The San Diego Museum of Art. A […]

  • Skateboards


    Bamboo plywood and mixed reclaimed and remnant hardwood details deck. Reverse kingpin trucks.

  • Frozen Space

    Frozen Space

  • Haiti Poster Project

    Haiti Poster Project

    Hand crafted posters for Haiti Poster Project.  Silkscreen/wood/steel hardware. 2010. The amazing folks at the Haiti […]

  • Wine Cellar

    Wine Cellar

    Acrylic wine storage system for 1000 bottle capacity wine cellar with stainless steel mounting hardware. 10′ […]

  • Snowboards


    Series of snowboard graphics for RIDE Snowboards.

  • Ticker Blocks

    Ticker Blocks

    Series of mixed hardwood blocks with inset steel pins. Each piece carries a different message.  

  • Logo For Electrician

    Logo For Electrician

    Identity design for electrician.

  • Gravilla


    Design for residential development in San Diego, California.

  • Umbrella


    Pattern Graphics for series of umbrellas produced by Tray 6 Design Lab.

  • Stripe Table

    Stripe Table

    Solid domestic black walnut and white oak with bamboo stringer. Pigmented eco-resin inlay in natural knot […]

  • Phil Ladder

    Phil Ladder

    Clothes and Linen storage ladder made from bamboo plywood supports with domestic walnut hardwood rungs and […]

  • Skate Stools

    Skate Stools

    Canadian maple hardwood blanks with varied hardwood bases. Sizes vary

  • Block Lamps

    Block Lamps

    Reclaimed timber base with hand rubbed natural oil finish. Flexible lamp neck with half chrome incandescent […]

  • Sparetime Clocks

    Sparetime Clocks

    Various remnants and reclaimed woods. Hand rubbed with low VOC finish. Quartz movements. Sizes vary

  • Delphin Table

    Delphin Table

    Solid domestic black walnut hardwood top and frame with hand rubbed with low VOC finish. 34″ […]

  • Miki Mantle Series

    Miki Mantle Series

    Mixed domestic hardwood shelf with flush wood drawer.  Decorative end grain pattern and shallow dish hand […]

  • Rip Rap

    Rip Rap

    Mixed hardwood with mineral oil finish.

  • Bookcase


    Mixed hardwood bookcase with eco-resin panels and casters. 80″ x 95″ x 15″